Paulina Dakkuri grew up in Moscow, Russia, with significant exposure to fine art, music and theater. She had a passion for creating art of her own at a very young age.

She is a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Architecture which offered its students ample opportunity to express themselves creatively in various art forms.

Dakkuri works with different techniques, but her favorite and most unique one is mixing graphic art with color. Such technique creates a synthesis of attention to detail and color expression that can be used in any art form. By looking at her work people are offered to follow the spirit of an inquisitive child and let their imagination travel.

Her other techniques include oil painting, collage, and Japanese Sumi-e (Japanese ink painting) stemming from Dakkuri’s studies of Japanese calligraphy and Sumi-e in New York City and Prague.

Email: paulina@paulinadakkuri.com